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Q1. What languages are spoken in Malta?

Maltese and English are the official languages of the Mediterranean islands. The English language is widespread on the island due to British colonisation of Malta. At present, Maltese is used in most sectors of public life, including parliament, the church, the press and other media, and in general conversation. The great majority of Maltese converse comfortably with both languages. In addition, reflecting the close ties Malta shares with its larger neighbour Italy, Italian is also widely spoken.

Q2. Where is Pendergardens located?

Set on high ground in St. Julian's Malta, home to the majority of the island's 5 star hotels, and the centre of the entertainment area with a host of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, cinemas and casinos all within walking distance. Situated just off one of the main arterial roads which links north to south makes Pendergardens property malta is the ideal location for both residences and businesses alike. The hilltop location offers breathtaking, expansive, views from a number of the properties.

Q3. I'm a foreigner, what are the legal requirements to buy property?

Citizens from an EU country including Maltese citizens who have not resided in Malta for at least 5 years who are buying a holiday home (secondary residence) require a permit (AIP – Acquisition of Immovable Property Permit) from the Inland Revenue Department. This permit is granted within 6/7 weeks. No permit is necessary when a foreigner (even non EU) purchases immovable property in a Special Designated Area. If an EU citizen has been a resident of Malta for more than 5 years. EU citizens may only buy one property unless (1) they have been resident for at least 5 years and (2) they buy in a special designated area and (3) the second property is required for the person's business activity or supplying of services.

Those EU citizens who have already lived in Malta for a continuous period of 5 years may purchase another property, without the necessity of a permit, immediately. All citizens from a non-EU country need a permit to buy immovable property.

Q4. Do apartments at Pendergardens cater for those with special needs?

Yes. The development at Pendergardens caters for persons with special needs. The entrance halls to each block all have ramps for easy access. There are also lifts at garage level that can accommodate a wheelchair comfortably, taking you up to the apartment floor levels.

Q5. Will there be supermarkets, shops and boutiques in the vicinity?

The Pendergardens property in Malta will feature a large supermarket, fitness centre and pool together with several retail shops along St. Andrew’s Road. In the immediate vicinity one can also find a host of restaurants and other amenities.

Q6. Do you have parking facilities?

Pendergardens has four storeys of underground parking space that houses 850 vehicle spaces. The first two storeys are devoted solely to residential use.

Q7. Is buying to let allowed at Pendergardens?

Yes it is. Pendergardens has obtained Special Designated Area status that allows an overseas buyer to buy more than one property within the development for that purpose.

Q8. Is it possible to come and see remaining properties at Pendergardens?

Of course it is. We have a show flat that can be viewed for that purpose or you can visit a property that is finished and ready to be made into a home. Simply contact us on 2248 8600 to make an appointment.

Q9. Is it the buyers responsibility to do the interior design work or do you provide this service?

Greta Apap Bologna is the interior designer of our show flats. You have the option of purchasing her services or bring in your own designer if you prefer.

Q10. Who is responsible for maintenance of the common parts?

Pendergardens has appointed FMcore Limited as the facilities management service provider to undertake condominium management services at the development. FMcore will administer three areas: the condominia, the residential car park and the Piazza. This management service will be supported by the use of specialised software, an integrated quality management system and a Help Desk that will respond to residents’ needs 24/7.

Q11. I own a business. What are the available business facilities at Pendergardens?

We have over 5,500 sqm of office space spread over 7 floors available for lease within T1&T2, in close proximity to one of Malta’s main arterial roads. This excellent location is sure to put your business on the map. Visit